What are the fines and fees?

Overdue fees are 0.10 cents per day per item with a maximum fine of $5 dollars per card. Patrons with fines of $5 dollars or more will be unable to check out materials, sign into our public computers, or access our online resources. To restore access, patrons must have a balance of under $5 dollars. Parents or legal guardians will be responsible for fines their children incur. Fines may be paid with cash. check, or credit card with a 6% service charge.

Patrons are responsible for the replacement of lost or damaged items. The replacement cost varies by item and is available by contacting the library. In addition to paying the replacement price, patrons may instead bring in a replacement copy of the same type and binding (paperback or hardback) so long as it is good condition.

The Mabel C. Fry Public Library uses a third party collection agency Unique Management to secure unreturned materials and outstanding charges from customers who have not responded to notices. Accounts with items 45 days overdue and owing $50 or more in charges are turned over for collection, A $10 processing fee is added to any account submitted for collection.

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