• Christmas Lights Seen Through a Golden Light Display
  • Central Christmas Tree of Lights
  • People Converse Next to a Nearby Christmas Tree with a Face on It
  • Icy Red Christmas Trees
  • Capital Read Letters Spell Out Believe
  • Kid in a Photo-Stand-in Light Display of a Penguin
  • Sign of Lights over a Park Road Saying Christmas in the Park
  • Aerial View Showing Several Light Displays 2
  • Aerial View Showing Several Light Displays 1
  • A Park Train Adorned with Christmas Lights
  • A Tunnel Made of Christmas Lights
  • Mother Taking a Picture of Her Daughter in a Santa's Sleigh Display
  • A Large Light Display Spelling out Rejoice
  • Archway of Lights with a Sign Reading Will You Marry Me
  • Christmas Light Displays of Two Angels with Trumpets and a Horse-Drawn Carriage
  • A Bus Decorated with Lights to Look like Santa Claus
  • Tall Tree Covered in Green Lights
  • Aerial View of Park Lights Seen From Above a Christmas Tree
  • A Light Display of a Sea Serpent Wearing a Santa Hat
  • Looking Through a Tunnel of Lights
  • A Tropical-Themed Christmas Light Display Reflecting off the Pond Surface
  • A Tall Light Display with Images of Poinsettias on It
  • Dynamic View of the a Christmas Tree Seen From Below
  • Christmas in the Park Sign Hanging over the Road
  • Mother and Son Standing on an Interactive Skiing-Themed Light Display
  • Kid Learning to Ice Skate With the Help From a Guide
  • Carriage of Lights Made to Look like Santa
  • Mother and Child Have Their Picture Taken Inside a Half-Ornament Light Display
  • Young Couple Have Their Pictures Taken Inside a Carriage Light Display
  • Kids in a Hot Air Balloon Light Display

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