Residential Information

Yukon Dump Truck Picking up a Green Cart


  • We will only service trash carts that are issued by the City of Yukon and are compatible with our automated truck requirements. If you still need a new cart, contact Sanitation Services at 354-4317.
  • Carts are to be out on the street by 6 am on your trash day per Ordinance Section 98-5.
  • We no longer pick up extra trash bags or additional curb-side trash that is not inside a cart or dumpster.
  • The side-loader trucks empty one side of the street at a time. We will empty carts on one side of the street and then return to empty the carts on the other side of the street.
  • Place your cart pointing toward the street with the wheels against the curb or edge of the pavement. Make sure that no vehicle is parked in front of the cart, that it is not right next to your mailbox, and that it has a clearance of at least three feet around it. There should be no overhead obstructions, such as tree limbs. Instructions are printed on the lid of the newly issued trash carts.
  • Bag your grass clippings and all loose trash. Loose grass may get compacted in the bottom and get stuck in the cart. It may also fall out of the cart while being emptied and blow all over your street.
  • Put no more trash in the cart than will fit with the lid closed. We cannot empty large branches or lumber that is sticking out of the top of your cart.

Extra Cart Request

  • Use the online form to request an extra cart for your home. Fill out the online form, and click submit. Request forms are also available in the Yukon City Hall lobby at:
    500 W Main Street
    Yukon, OK 73099
  • There is no additional charge on your monthly service fee for having two carts.  You can have more than two carts but there is an additional charge of $8.50 per cart that will be added to your monthly Utility Bill.  We will not empty more than two carts without charging an additional monthly fee.
  • If you have more trash than will fit in your two issued carts, there are other options that are available:
    • Recycle Center - To reduce your trash volume, you can take items to the Recycle Center (Find more information on the Recycle Center).
    • Transfer Station - Utilize your free monthly dump of 2 cubic yards at the Transfer Station. Bring your current month’s City of Yukon utility bill payment stub with your driver’s license (Find more information on the Transfer Station).

Additional Carts

  • Request additional carts - An extra monthly fee of $8.50 per cart will be added to your utility bill if more than two carts are at your residence, even if we do not empty all of them every week.
  • Request an extra pickup - A one-time $10 fee will be charged per trip to empty the contents of your garbage cart(s). We'll add the charge to your water bill; you don't need to pay the driver when we empty your carts.
  • Request a bulk curb-side pickup - A one-time $25 fee will be charged per trip for up to 4 cubic yards (equivalent to two refrigerators) plus $5 for each additional cubic yard. We'll add the charge to your water bill; you don't need to pay the driver at the time of service.