How to Check for Leaks

As temperatures rise, it's not surprising to see an increase in your household water usage. If you notice that your water usage is unusually high, however, you could have a water leak. Yukon's Utility Billing Department will visit your house free of charge to check for leaks, or you can easily check for leaks yourself. The following steps will show you how.

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Water Meter Found Hidden in the GroundLocate Your Water Meter

Most water meters are located in your front yard and are covered by a metal circular disc. Remove the disc and you will find your water meter.

If You've Found You Have a Leak

If you've found you have a leak, your next step is to locate the source of the possible leak and have it repaired. Some customers hire a professional, some are able to do this themselves and some ask a neighbor, relative, or handyman to help. You can submit repair documentation and apply for a leak adjustment to your bill.

Find out more about leak adjustments on the Leak Adjustments page.