Blue Card Command Training Center

People Sitting Next to ComputersThe Yukon Fire Department Blue Card Command Training Center was established in late 2013 due in large part to funding from the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security. It is the first of its kind established in the State of Oklahoma and has been used to certify all members of the Yukon Fire Department in the act of Initial Scene Size-Up, Radio Reporting, and Management of Type 4 and Type 5 incidents within the City of Yukon and surrounding areas. The goal is to standardize emergency response, communications, and standardized initial actions by teaching the Blue Card Command training system, as well as provide a controlled environment to prepare for a wide variety of emergencies.

Certification is completed through simulation-based training that allows firefighters the opportunity to manage incidents through video-based training. Currently, the Yukon Fire Department Command Training Center has certified over 100 firefighters from surrounding fire departments in Incident Command. The Yukon Fire Department currently has 5 members certified as Instructors to teach The Blue Card Command System.